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About Us

  • Sirlogic

    We are a consulting company native Puerto Rican Information Systems that is established and has specialized consultants with over 15 years experience. We currently have a portfolio of customers around the whole island and plans expand in the United States. Our ability comes in response to the needs of market and is determined by the adequacy and accessibility of business communication.
    We are consultants and expert communicators to determine their technological needs business or company in order to achieve the right balance systematization values, positioning and products necessary to achieve optimization as needed without forgetting the requirements Market and location.

  • The ability to adapt is not useful unless it has necessary to enable a content control issued centrally and tools "alive". We have to control, monitor and upgrade at any time and from any local content services that we are offering. This is the key to maintaining updated in response to potential opportunities and competitive actions information.

  • Objectives

    1. Individual advice for your business or company in what you are informed about the technology and information systems needs.
    2. Customer orientation or company to optimize and upgrade the programming services existing systems.
    3. To delineate and create programming required to expand and enhance the services of your company or business.
    4. To designing Web pages based on the specific needs of expansion "online" and services additional business.
    5. To inform both the administrator and the user of changes in the structure of systems analysis, programming, credentials and other security issues.
    6. Guidance and counseling necessary equipment on par with the programming and updating Current information systems.
    7. To design and create mobile applications (iOS ™ and Android ®) for easy access and management remote services, including the dissemination and promotion of your business or company.
    8. To attend services Search Engine Optimization (SEO), adjusting the customer needs to facilitate, promote and disseminate to the expectations in services online and web pages and paid online ads.

Responsive Webpages

Built using HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery, and built using one of the world's most powerful CSS frameworks available, Bootstrap.


Perfect for product or service. Sirlogic can showcase your business converting your visits to income.

Mobile Innovation

Development of mobile applications for both iOS and Android with an online content manegement or just local.

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Native and hybrid Applications

Native applications: those that are fully programmed in specific development environment for each operating system. Hybrid applications: applications developed in part with native development environment and partly on WEB (HTML 5) language.

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